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LTSA's Guide to Inspiring Children to Learn

How do we get kids to love learning and love going to school every day? This is a growing problem in our society today. Kids are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression at rapidly increasing rates. In Psychology Today (May 2018), Dr. Peter Gray cited a study report that showed “a continuous increase in the rate of psychiatric emergencies during school weeks, but not during vacation weeks over the 4-­year period of the study.” The reasons vary from academic demands and peer pressures to disinterest and plain boredom.

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An immersive, hands-on learning experience at Dive World Austin!

Our students are currently reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea so we took them to Dive World Austin for an immersive experience! Students learned about the history of Scuba Diving, the basics of Scuba Diving and also got to experience what it is like to put on all the cool diving gear and breathe underwater! 

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