Join us for a Free Half Day Fun, Interactive STEM Camp Experience!

This camp is designed to provide an interactive experience to help spark the imagination and show just how fun STEM is! The camp is open to ages 7 +. This free half-day camp will be divided into two activities.

Calling All Future Techies! In the Future Set Tech portion, creativity meets technology. Kids will power-up their programming prowess and code their creations to life! Kids will take the fun origami fortune teller paper game concept and create a fun, interactive computerized version via coding in Python 3. NO prior computer experience required. The kids will be directed to use their imagination while being guided to personally code their ideas! (For those of you who do not know the origami fortune teller game - remember the folded piece of paper that was folded into four triangles and you choose the color and number to receive your fortune? It's been redesigned to a much more efficient, fun interactive computer game!

Calling All Future Scientists! In the Biology meets the Brain portion, we explore the super interesting mysteries of the brain through a fun and interactive activity. Kids will map a life-size diagram of our nervous system and create awesome "brain hats" to discover different parts of the brain and the cool things it does for us. 

This event is hosted by the young STEM students and instructors of Lake Travis STEM Academy. 

Lunch is available through Crystal Falls Golf Club for $5 and includes, drink, hot dog and chips. So please bring $5 cash with you!

Register for this event through EventBrite. The link is posted below