STEM Curriculum

Lake Travis STEM Academy offers a full range of rigorous educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literacy and social studies with full support of music, art and physical education. Project Based Learning offers connected experiences between the home and school/community. Student skills are developed for social, political and economic participation in a diverse, interdependent and changing world. The goal of STEM’s curriculum is to have students learn and master basic skills that are then applied in higher thinking levels through interdisciplinary projects and programs. STEM’s foundation is based on LTSA’s Curriculum Framework and State Standards. Teachers provide students with many opportunities that meet or challenge their individual abilities. Below is information that further explains the curriculum.

Benefits of the Lake Travis STEM Academy:

Integration of Science, Engineering and Technology into the core content areas of literacy, mathematics and social studies

Interdisciplinary instruction with real world application

High academic and behavior standards

Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning

Field and research experiences

Partnerships with business, industry and higher education