MON-THUR Academy

School Hours

Lake Travis STEM Academy has formal school days Monday –Thursdays with an optional 5th day of enrichment classes on Fridays. Please see our Enrichment information on our website.

Mon. – Thurs.

8:45am – 3:30pm

Early Morning Program (7:30 – 8:30 am) and After School Program ( 3:30 – 6:00 pm) details available upon request.


STEM Program Components

Individual Learning Goals

Lake Travis STEM Academy students collaborate with teachers and parents to identify individual learning goals. Homeroom teachers conference with students and their parents twice during the school year to review progress. Each student’s abilities, strengths, interests, and learning styles are used to establish challenging, achievable learning goals. LTSA students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of learning in a variety of ways, including projects, presentations, exhibitions, portfolios, and various assessments.

Small, Multi-Age Classes

Teachers work with multi-aged classes.  Generally students remain with a teacher for two years, maximizing relationships and the teacher’s ability to quickly identify and meet students’ needs.

Role of Teachers

The teachers, as facilitators of learning, have responsibility for developing curriculum, differentiating instruction, and assessing student progress. The staff at Lake Travis STEM Academy is committed to guiding students toward these outcomes:

Becoming self-directed learners who…

    Take responsibility for their learning; Set goals, reflect, and evaluate their own progress; Plan, initiate, develop, and follow through on activities; Gather information through listening, observing, inquiring, and collecting data; Read and write for a variety of purposes; Utilize a variety of multi-disciplinary skills as tools for thinking and learning; Employ logical reasoning, imagination, and creativity to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information; Devise a variety of strategies for problem solving; Communicate ideas, opinions, feelings, and information through inquiry, discussions, presentation, writing, models, charts, maps, graphs, art forms, and performance.

Becoming community contributors who…

    Value themselves and others; Explore possibilities and respond flexibly to change; Utilize inner resources to maximize physical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills; Recognize, sense, and appreciate differences; Care for other people; Take responsibility for their actions; Cooperate with others; Participate effectively in decision-making and group activities; Take responsibility for the environment.

Integrating STEM

LTSA integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in subject areas such as Language Arts, Social Studies, and History.  Students work on projects that align with the State Standards (TEKS), NGSS, and LTSA’s own STEM Standards for cross curriculum integration for their level.



Throughout the year, students work through a variety of projects based on student and teacher interest, often integrating science and enhancing current curriculum.  These projects integrate the use of  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through application and utilizing the scientific method.  LTSA teachers, will often have experts from the Austin community come in and work with the kids during these special projects. Over the course of the school year, students will study a broad array of offerings such as Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and scientific inquiry. As a result, multiple skill sets are reinforced and students are able to discover and pursue individual talents and interests.



Students are required to bring their own tablets to school everyday in lieu of a traditional binder.   Students will learn to strategically use their devices in the classroom, while working on their lessons, projects and presentations. All classrooms  have wireless internet access. Teachers incorporate digital media into aspects of the curriculum, using hand held video cameras for documentation and result reporting.  Students will learn in such areas as coding, game design, video editing, basic gif animations, the possibilities are endless! Students will build the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for work and life in the 21st century.



Engineering  concepts are brought into the classroom at the Kindergarten level and carried throughout the curriculum up through all the grades. Through a hands-on engineering design challenge, students work in teams to apply their knowledge of science and mathematics; use their inquiry and problem-solving skills; and tap their creativity as they design, create, and improve possible solutions to real and hypothetical problems.



Here at LTSA we believe in providing real world relevance to students – it’s too often that kids ask, “when am I ever going to use this?” Our curriculum combines key learning goals such as number and sense operation, measurement, geometry and spacial sense, data analysis, probability and math processes with real world, hands on activities that students can use.


Service Learning

Students participate in a wide variety of service learning projects. The goals and priorities of service learning reflect two central themes: (1) to create and expand experiences of making a difference in the world, and (2) to contribute to community needs in a creative and educational manner.


Outdoor Education

Through outdoor education, Lake Travis STEM Academy students and teachers have the opportunity to develop their appreciation for, and understanding of, ecology, life sciences, and geology, etc. as well as recognize and develop their individual and group roles by taking risks and participating in team building. For each learning “hub” our teachers create for the classroom they are devoted to taking their students on a field experience to take learning to another level!