LTSA Parents

Lake Travis STEM Academy is a private, research school serving students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. LTSA provides a contemporary and well-rounded education distinguished by academic excellence, social development, and citizenship. Lake Travis STEM Academy is committed to small class sizes, outstanding faculty, and a rigorous curriculum. LTSA has a wonderful community of families! Here are some thoughts from our parents:

LTSA Testimonial:

My husband and I have a combined 20+ years of classroom teaching in the public education system. As such, we have experienced first-hand the challenges and pitfalls of a highly political, public institution created and modeled after the 19th century factory system. Its archaic structure inherently values quantity over quality; breadth over depth; assessment over comprehension.

As our own son approached school-age, our desire to give him better brought us on many public, private, charter, and alternative school tours. We count ourselves very fortunate to have found Lake Travis STEM Academy (LTSA).

LTSA under the guidance and leadership of Ms. McLain has accomplished in two years what most schools have failed to do over decades: create a progressive educational institution which considers individuality and provides wholistic, comprehensive instruction via quality hands-on learning experiences in a smaller setting. Its unique schedule recognizes that family involvement in education is key to a child’s success and that with more time on learning and less time transitioning, what takes public schools 35+ hours to complete can be accomplished much more efficiently in less than 20.

Our 6 year old son looks forward to attending school and has thrived socially, emotionally, and academically. The individualized instruction he has received in less than one school year, has fostered his love of learning and curiosity. He is currently performing two grade levels above in mathematics, four grade levels above in reading, and is able to give 2-5 minute presentations on various scientific topics to a roomful of parents, teachers, and students.

Needless to say, as parents, we are thrilled. As former educators with advanced degrees and decades of experience, we are beyond impressed with LTSA. It is a true testament to Ms. McLain’s understanding, commitment, business-savvy, and community-building ability. LTSA and Ms. McLain’s vision are a model for others and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them for years to come.


Dawnmarie Paradis & Kenneth Brush
April 8, 2014

LTSA Testimonial:

The Lake Travis Stem Academy is a great fit for our family. Our children are encouraged to explore science, and to present what they’ve learned to their classmates. Through well planned unit studies, or hubs, our children have learned a great deal about the world around them. For example, while learning about rocks, minerals and soil erosion, they were working on projects to model the layers of the earth, experimenting with erosion, reading Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, touring caves and aquifers, and preparing presentations to share with their class on what they had learned.

I am very happy with the math curriculum used by LTSA. It is one of a select few schools that use Singapore Math, which offers a solid foundation in number sense, offers a natural progression from pictorial to abstract, and emphasizes problem solving.

My children love their teachers and classmates. They can’t wait to get to school! After school, they are anxious to fill me in on what they’ve learned that day. It’s easy to see that the teachers are doing what they love and the children sense this every day.

What differentiates Lake Travis Stem Academy from other alternative schools is its unique three day per week schedule, which allows for plenty of learning in a group setting with well trained teachers in classes with children of all ages. This time together is complimented with two family based learning days where we spend precious one-on-one time together at home, making sure that each subject we study is completed at the child’s own pace and mastered before we move on.

Tonya & Ross Strader