Parent / Student Commitments

Each family has a commitment of a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per year.

(Parents are always welcome to help out in the class rooms.)

 Homework – LTSA teachers strive to assign homework that is relevant, meaningful, and appropriate for each child’s ability. Homework completion is important to each child’s success. Parents are asked to commit to helping ensure their child is returning homework that is on-time, neat, complete, and shows effort in its completion.

Parents are expected to:

  • engage in the homework assignments with their child;
  • model the importance of homework to their child’s academic growth by helping the child plan out study time throughout the week;
  • ensure that their child is meeting student homework expectations (listed below).

Students are expected to:

  • turn homework and projects in on time;
  • read (or listen to audio books) and write on a regular basis (as defined in the Home work assignments)
  • practice math skills on a regular basis (as defined in homework assignments); submit homework that is on time, complete, according to teacher’s directions, and legible.

LTSA homework can consist of games, field trip ideas, or at home experiments, projects and workbooks to enhance weekly in school lessons. The overall goal of homework is to reinforce the concepts and ideas taught in the classroom

Projects. Parents must be unwavering in their commitment to successfully help support the education of their children. This is a wonderful life long lesson to pass on to your child through example of your dedication to learning yourself. Working with your student on a presentation project can be a very exciting adventure since most parents will have new opportunities with their child and learn more about how their child takes in information and uses the information. The experiences, memories and rewards will be immeasurable!